Without volunteers, there would be no Event: PreHeat or AfterBurn. Did you know that the number of tickets available is not dependent on the size of the venue, but is determined by the number of volunteers who sign up for shifts before the gate opens?

Volunteering is not only one of our principles but is also crucial to the success of our events (ie: Burns – PreHeat & AfterBurn) and the organization (Burnt Oranges, Inc.). As a new objective to be more proactive in volunteer recruitment, we are implementing this form to learn more about your interests, skills and preferences.

Please complete the form here and a team lead or volunteer coordinator will contact you to sign you up for PH 22 shifts.

Burner Profile

You are appreciated!

Volunteer Resources & Team Leads

There’s a volunteer role to appeal to everyone. Here’s a quick reference guide to PreHeat and AfterBurn departments:

Art Attack
We facilitate art grants, answer questions, fill the Indaba Art Gallery, work with Placement to find the best place for art at the event, and help artists set up and take down their pieces.
We keep you safe when things are burning.
Also known as the Department of Public Works. We set up the event infrastructure.
Earth Guardians - Department of Cleanliness
We gently remind participants of our Leave No Trace policy, replace sanitizer and toilet paper in the loos, check showers and restrooms for cleanliness, and do sweeps of the property to ensure we are leaving it better than we found it.
We are your Center Camp, home to the Info Booth and the participant Art Gallery. We provide information, hospitality, and a central gathering space where you can put on a performance, workshop, or class. We provide information about volunteering.
Info Booth
We provide information about the event and check in volunteers for their shifts.
We assist in case of medical emergencies. To volunteer with Medics, you must have professional credentials.
We find a place to put your car.
We create the event map, and when campers arrive, we show them where to set up.
‘Not the cops, not your mom.’
Rangers volunteer in service of the safety and well-being of the community. By providing reliable information, facilitating communication, and encouraging safety 3rd Rangers promote awareness of potential hazards and administer non-authoritative assistance for conflict resolution. All new and returning rangers must complete the online training course at:
Sanctuary/Lime Dots
We provide a space where participants can find a safe haven for reflection, or reintegration within the self after a shattering or emotionally harrowing experience. We offer peer-to-peer support. While the experiences within Sanctuary are personal, specific, and subjective, the Lime Dots’ mission will always be simply offering support.
Sound Marshalls
We work with sound camps and DJs, monitoring our sound levels to keep the neighbors happy.
Volunteer Coordination
Help Volunteers get signed up for their shifts and assist Leads in recruiting volunteers.
Welcome Home
We greet participants as they arrive, check their tickets, and help them figure out where to go. or