Burnt Oranges invites you to participate in the next iteration of our ongoing community experiment of participation, art and cultural expression. PreHeat is a community art event which follows the 10 Principles of Burning Man. Our events are official fundraisers for Burnt Oranges Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is devoted to cultivating interactive art through artist funding and advocacy, by creating supportive venues for interactive artists and performers, and through public education of interactive art.

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As you know, volunteering is not only one of our principles but is absolutely crucial to the success of your events and the organization itself (Burnt Oranges, Inc.).

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PreHeat is being held the weekend of Friday, April 22, 2002 – Monday, April 25, 2022. Event details are on our website:

Venue Address:
Camp La Llanada
2819 Tiger Lake Rd
Lake Wales, FL 33898

Please be advised that certain additional restrictions and requirements may be necessary due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. More information on this matter will be communicated in advance of the event date (update: very soon!).

Please read the following information carefully as individual ticket descriptions do not include these details. Purchase of a ticket signifies acceptance of these conditions.——


1. Purchase tickets from Make sure you have at least one ticket in your cart before checking out.

2. The system will allow you to “donate” without a ticket, but if you don’t have a ticket, you can’t get into the event!

3. Each ticket has a unique code. If you buy multiple tickets, each will have it’s own code. Transfers in name are no longer necessary.

4. Tickets may ONLY be exchanged AT or BELOW face value or gifted. Just hand the recipient the ticket with it’s unique code.

5. Ticket gifting must be completed prior to arriving at the event.


1. You must have a form of state or government-issued ID

2. Vehicle Pass purchase is required there will be no off-site parking available. If you are bringing a towed camper, please order an RV Pass. The RV Pass will cover both the camper and the tow vehicle.

3. There is NO re-entry. Once you leave property, you will not be allowed to return.

4. Tickets will NOT be sold at the gate.

5. Gates close 2 hours prior to Saturday night “campfire” as safety requirement. There will be no admittance to the event once the gates are closed.

6. Upon entry, you will receive a wristband. You must wear this wristband at all times when inside the event. Those without a wrist band will be ejected.


You must purchase an RV pass for your RV or towed camper prior to the event (with tickets).

There is no offsite parking for RVs.

There are a limited number of RV passes.

Amplified Sound in Registered Sound Camps ONLY; amplified sound is not allowed in the RV Lot.

RV/Campers MUST HAVE Carbon Monoxide detector, a First Aid Kit, and a Fire Extinguisher.

NO FIRES are allowed in the RV lot. 


April 21,2022
 – Early Entry only – Open 12PM to 10PM  with pre-approval only. Early entry will be available only to those participants with prior approval for access; your name MUST BE on the list at Gate.

Friday, April 22, 2022 – Open: 8AM – 11:59PM.

Saturday, April 23, 2022 – Open: 9AM – 7PM; Mobile gate opens 3PM – 7PM; all gates close at 7PM for “campfire”. ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRY after 7pm. NO Movement of any vehicles until AFTER effigy ignition, then Exodus only.

Sunday, April 24, 2022 – Exodus/Exit ONLY 

Monday, April 25, 2022 – Exodus/Exit ONLY; ALL PARTICIPANTS must be off-site by 12PM (NOON) 



Let the The Ten Principles offer of a larger, global community be our guide. If you don’t know them, click here

The following Infrastructure is provided:

Restrooms, Portable Toilets and Shower Facilities

The following is NOT PROVIDED:

Power for your camper/rv

Trash cans

Remember – pack it in-pack it out; this is a leave no trace event!

What you need to bring

Everything else that you need to be comfortable, have fun and be safe while camping.

Necessities / Radical Self Reliance:

1. Tent, Camper or RV *See above regarding RV and Parking passes. (Car Camping allowed in RV LOT with Vehicle pass only. RV/Camper/Car Camping MUST HAVE Carbon Monoxide detector, First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher)

2. Food for the weekend. There are no food vendors.

3. Water – 1 gal per person per day. There are no food /drink vendors.

4. Reusable cup, plate/bowl, utensils

5. Sunscreen & Bug Repellent/Spray. The bugs will be out and bad near the lake in April. Be prepared.

6. First-aid kit (included but not limited to: over the counter pain reliever, allergy medication, itch relief cream, band-aids, eye wash (like saline or contact rinse)/eye drops)

7. Personal prescription medication (including emergency inhaler and/or epi-pen)

The following items are NOT ALLOWED:

ANIMALS (unless registered service animals)

Any questions on the above information should be addressed to your Event Planning Committee – 

Any questions or issues related to the actual purchase of a ticket, pass or donation to a fund should be directed to Ticket Tailor customer service. If you need to change, transfer, or gift a ticket, please contact prior to arriving at the event.

Neither the Burning Man Project nor Black Rock LLC is a producer or organizer of PreHeat. Burning Man and Black Rock City LLC accept no liability in connection with the PreHeat.


Camp La Llanada, 33898