The Blurb of Bob, Volume 5, Number 6

October 12, 2022

Less than a month to go!

We have less than a month until I get to see all of your beautiful faces at Camp La Llanada. Yes, the property survived Hurricane Ian, and we’re super grateful for that. Given what some people have dealt with, we’re just going to soak in that blessing and we hope you are too.

As for those of you who are still finding yourself sleeping for 12-hour stretches or nodding out on the couch watching Netflix, we get it. All of this will make AfterBurn 2022 feel like a bold celebration honoring our collective humanity.

Okie dokie artichokie, here’s what you’ll find in this newsletter.

  1. Logo Update
  2. Cabin Update
  3. Ticket Assistance
  4. Theme Camp Registration
  5. Art Grant Information
  6. Effigy and Temple Submissions
  7. DMV Deets
  8. What, Where, When Submissions
  9. Volunteer Shifts
  10. A Word On Bugs

Logo Update

A big thank you to everyone who submitted artwork for the AfterBurn 2022 logo. We have chosen Meghan Lucas-Maguire’s submission as the official logo for this burn. Check out this beauty!

We’re here for this Martian disco!

Cabin Update

Wow, y’all love this cabin perk, huh? It really makes a difference having a cool place to rest with running water and plumbing, which is likely why this option has been so popular. At this time, cabins B and C for theme camps are still available. We are also taking waitlist submissions.

Cabin orders must be completed by Friday, October 21st at 11:55pm.

Ticket Assistance

We get it. Some bosses just don’t pay you enough, or maybe you can’t work because of a personal reason. That’s why we are proud to offer ticket assistance for our participants. Submit your application here by October 21st by 11:55 PM.

Speaking of tickets, the member ticket deadline was October 10, 2022. If you did not get your member ticket by the deadline, please reach out to  ASAP so that we can provide assistance. Unsold member tickets will be rolled to Tier 2 tickets when that tier opens up. Tier 1 closes on October 17, 2022 at 11:55 PM, and tier 2 will open on October 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM.

Theme Camp Registration

Theme camp registration for Afterburn 2022 closes soon, so sign up here ASAP. Your last chance to register or make adjustments is Sunday, October 16th — and the last, last chance to tinker further is Friday, October 21st.

Art Grant Information

Art grant applications — for both art and burnable art — are still open! These will be accepted up to Friday, October 14th at 11:55pm, so apply here. Also, I don’t care how silly you think your idea is. The theme is Martian Disco, people! Bring us your wildest and most colorful submissions.

Effigy and Temple Submissions

The effigy and temple burns are the beating heart of any burn, giving us the big, bright, burning finale of an event — during which we’re more vulnerable and authentic than anywhere or anytime else. These fires remind us of that fundamental spirit that lives inside of us, and allow us to commune in solidarity with our fellow beautiful weirdos.

That said, we know it’s a big job — which is why we need YOU to step up and manifest that vision! Volunteer resources will help recruit a build team if that is a concern. Seriously. Apply here.

DMV Deets

Are you bringing a badass mutant vehicle to AfterBurn 2022? We hope so! Just remember that only approved art cars and golf carts (make ’em cute, y’all) are allowed on property. ATVs, quads, yo mama’s hooptie, etc. are not allowed. And yes, golf carts for personal use should be decorated. Reach out to  if you have any questions.

What, Where, When Submissions

Are you hosting an event at your theme camp at AfterBurn 2022? Maybe you are having a Martian movie marathon and serving snacks from another planet. Or maybe you are putting together a black light roller disco replete with mirror balls and ’70s funk. Whatever it is, I want to know about it! Email me for inclusion at 

Volunteer Shifts

Want to be as good-looking and charismatic as me? I am so glad you asked. Volunteer shifts are still available for signup on our website. So don’t be a sparkle pony, ya hear? Email  for more information.  

A Word on Bugs

News flash: We live in Florida, and Florida has bugs. To that end, we do not expect a bug apocalypse for the weekend — our research indicates they are less likely to be swarming in November, so rejoice!  Still, our incredibly capable and savvy placement team is creating alternative options to be prepared for Florida’s mercurial nature.

Thanks for reading… and for making art, supporting art, and being a part of our community! Feel free to send me any updates.

How ’bout that?



Bob is a radical communicator who loves this community, believes in civic responsibility, and wants to keep you apprised of everything art and event-related.

You can email Bob at  with questions, concerns, or submissions to this announcement list.