The Blurb of Bob, Volume 4, Number 6

August 9, 2021

We’re finding joy even when things are sticky.


We’re deep in the dog days of summer, and it seems like the world is super heavy right now. If you’re like us, it can be pretty tough to turn on the news, so make sure you’re taking good care of yourselves. 

We were feeling pretty excited about the state of the world for a while, but as we all know, the only constant is change. Here’s hoping for brighter tomorrows as we navigate a rather sticky today.

Okay, let’s get down to business. I have some important updates for the Burnt Oranges community.

In this issue:

  1. AfterBurn 2021 postponed to PreHeat 2022
  2. Remembering Austin Miles
  3. Remembering Richard Lemanski
  4. But there’s good news coming!

AfterBurn 2021 postponed to PreHeat 2022

As you may have learned, Burnt Oranges is offering a new membership system with burner Unfortunately, the Board of Directors made the collective (and we think smart) decision to cancel AfterBurn 2021. They don’t feel confident enough about holding AfterBurn safely and selling enough tickets in order to pay for the event. We will miss seeing your shining faces at Camp La Llanada this year.

Remembering Austin Miles

Many of you know Austin Miles and his wonderful family who have been part of our Burn community for seven years. Austin was recently hospitalized with complications of COVID-19 and sadly passed away August 4th. He will be missed immensely by his family and by all who knew him. There is a fundraiser organized by Julie Mills for him if you’d like to donate:

Remembering Richard Lemanski

We were also saddened to hear of the passing of Richard Lemanski. Without his willingness to take a chance on hosting us, the Florida burn scene might not be what it is today. At Maddox Ranch, we found a place to call home and grow. Many of us first met each other there and will always have a love for it. For those of us who got to know Richard and Lynne, the generosity and true sense of phambly we received from them was a blessing. We will miss him always.

But There’s Good News Coming!

The new Art Committee would like feedback from past art grant recipients. Kindly fill out We’re turning our sights to PreHeat 2022! All of the Event Planning Committee’s efforts will transfer to PreHeat and we’re hoping that even more of you will volunteer to make this event happen. Keep your eyes on your inbox as I will update you next week with PreHeat deets!

Thanks for reading… and for making art, supporting art, and being a part of our community! Feel free to send me any updates.

How ’bout that?


Bob is a radical communicator who loves this community, believes in civic responsibility, and wants to keep you apprised of everything AfterBurn-related.

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