The Blurb of Bob, Volume 4, Number 4

April 8, 2021

It’s April and I’m feeling optimistic!


Can you believe 2020 is finally over? After pretty much everything was cancelled in the longest year ever, we’re looking especially forward to Pre-Heat 2021. Of course, we’re

Are you feeling as hopeful as I am? Spring is in the air, vaccines are going into eager arms, and it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been over a year since COVID-19 turned everything upside-down, and we’re ready to discover what our new normal looks like. We’re still wearing our masks and social distancing, but we’re thinking about the future and all of the hugging we’re going to do when it’s safe — soon!

Meanwhile, the Event Planning Committee has been hard at work planning events, and they gave me all of the deets! Read on to get the latest updates.

In this issue:

  1. Zoom registration for Sunday, 4/18 virtual gathering
  2. Example effigy shim and burn guidelines for mini effigy
  3. Email Video and Questions
  4. Art Committee call for members
  5. Spark the Art update

Zoom Registration for April Gathering

The first virtual town hall for the community is being planned for January 2021. This will be

We hope you’re excited for the virtual gathering happening on April 18, 2021 at 6:30 PM. Here is the Zoom registration link for this exciting get together:

Registration will be limited to the first 100 people. Registered attendees will be allowed to join from one device. We encourage safe gathering and burning as possible, so one registration per household is the limit.

Example Effigy Shim and Burn Guidelines for Mini Effigy

Looking to get prepared for the virtual gathering I keep talking about? The above Zoom link as well as a sample shim and burn guidelines are posted on the website here:

Email Your Burn Video and Town Hall Questions

Please email your Burn Video to the Event Planning Committee email:  before 9:00 am on Sunday 4/18.  If you are available to assist with editing the video submissions, please send your contact info to the Event Planning Committee email: .

We also want hear your questions, concerns or thoughts for the Town Hall portion of the evening. Please do email those as well to the Event Planning Committee email: .

Art Committee Call for Members

The Board is looking for 5 individuals to join our new Art Committee. While the hope is for a year-long commitment to include not only the awarding of grants for our regional events, but to also support grants and art displays within our communities, we understand the value of personal time. At minimum a commitment from June to November to bring amazing art and artists to AfterBurn 2021 is being asked. If you have a passion for art, we invite you to help with Burnt Oranges’ mission to cultivate interactive art by serving on the Burnt Oranges Art Committee.

If you would like to be considered for the Art Committee, please email the following to  before June 1 (we would like to have the committee’s first meeting in June to begin preparing for AfterBurn 2021):

Legal name:
Preferred name:
Contact information:
Please share any previous art, grant, volunteer or leadership experience:
Approximately how many Preheat/Afterburns have you attended?
Why do you want to join the Art Committee?
If you are not chosen for the Art  Committee, would you be interested in any other leadership roles?
Do you have any questions for us?

Spark the Art Updates coming soon!

Thank you to all of the wonderful Spark the Art contributions! Their creations will be revealed at the upcoming virtual gathering.

Thanks for reading… and for making art, supporting art, and being a part of our community! Feel free to send me any updates.

How ’bout that?


Bob is a radical communicator who loves this community, believes in civic responsibility, and wants to keep you apprised of everything AfterBurn-related.

You can email Bob at  with questions, concerns, or submissions to this announcement list.