Event Organizing Committee

AfterBurn has a long-standing history in Florida. It is hosted by Burnt Oranges, a Florida-based nonprofit that encourages interactive art.

Meet the AfterBurn 2019 Event Organizing Committee, a group of dedicated volunteers who do their best to represent the diverse Florida Burner community. These individuals serve as liaisons to all the departments necessary to have a safe and successful event.

  • Carebare
    Grateful for the trust the community bestowed on me to be your Funshine, Share-a-lot, Care-a-lot and sometimes Hot-mess committee CareBare. I have enthusiastically found my ‘why’ in the Liaison roles to Communications, Tickets, Sanctuary and Earth Guardians.  
  • DJ Peejay
    Liaison to the Welcome Home Crew, as well as providing expertise and support to Communications, Volunteer Signups, and the Indaba/InfoBooth.
  • Huggable Meps
    I’m a 13-year Burning Man veteran who moved to Florida in 2015 and wouldn’t have survived the culture shock if I hadn’t discovered a bunch of Burners in this far corner of the USA. I am Communications Liaison, because I’m passionate about the website, the Blurb of Bob, and the Bucket List. I also serve as the committee liaison for your Center Camp, the Indaba.
  • Jeremy – DJ Goodwood
    Sound Marshall and Liaison to the Parking Team.
  • Kristen
    Kristen has been a member of the community since 2013 when her friend Nemo invited her to this “weird camping thing with lots of fire”. She still doesn’t know who thought it was a good idea to put her in charge, but is very grateful. In her spare time…wait…what spare time? She is your AfterBurn Committee Secretary and incoming Ranger Co-Lead.
  • Lady N Sain
    Committee Liaison for Placement and Art.
  • Liesl
    I have been in the Burner community for more than a dozen years. I consider AfterBurn to be my home burn. It is the regional I cut my teeth on after my first trip to Burning Man. I am passionate about art, caramel and personal connections. I have been involved with Art Grants about as long as I have been involved in the community. Watching the art evolve and artists grow through the years is my happy place. I am the Art Committee Liaison and Art Grant Coordinator.
  • Mcgyver, aka Moose
    I have proudly been active in the Florida Burn community for almost a decade and have been a burnable art builder for the last 5 years. I was chosen to be a member of the C.A.T.S. team in 2015 and have made sure that everybody goes home ever since.
  • RobL
    I have been burning since 2007. I co-lead DOGs and the CATs teams and further confuse my friends by having a cat named Dog.
  • Stef
    Liaison to Medics, Food, Pool, Communications, and Art teams.
  • Tama
    Liaison for Theme Camps, Art, and DOGs. Keeper of Florida Burn History.