2019 Art Grant Requests

The AfterBurn 2019 Art Grant Committee has received the following requests for funding. The total amount requested is over $5400, and we have $2500 to allocate.

From Friday, Sept. 27 at noon until Monday, Sept. 30 at noon, you can vote on your favorite projects, to help the Art Grant Committee determine which ones should be funded.

Each of these projects has submitted a line item budget and detailed information, which we’ve removed to help with voting. Are you curious to know which line items can be funded, and which cannot? Take a look at the Burnt Oranges guidelines, which we use to determine the final allocations.

Hot Shots

Participants shoot a basket. If they make it fire or water will explode over their head. A fun interactive art piece that any age and skill level can enjoy

This is a modification of a previously created project. The grant request is to assist with filling the large propane tanks that run the project, not creation of the project itself.

Art Grant Request: $260 (project total $260)

No image submitted.

Better than Crop Circles

Interactive Ground Art with LED Rope Lights

As dark approaches, the installation would be setup with one of patterns. Throughout the night, participants would be encouraged to play and build any of the patterns or create their own large art designs on the ground. If someone has a drone, the photos could be spectacular. During the day, the installation would be rolled up for safety and to allow daytime activities in that space.

Interactivity: Participants can look through the many patterns displayed to follow, or they can get creative and make their own. The ground lights are safe to touch and can be dragged across the ground to draw the desired patterns.

Art Grant Request: $496 (project total: $740)

Better than crop circles
Better Than Crop Circles

Fire Obelisk

Steel Obelisk with Flame

8 ft tall steel obelisk with constant burning torch style flame. It acts as a lighthouse and reference point to guide travelers. To create a beacon for Home. Project is ready, only asking for transportation help in the form of a trailer, and propane consumables

Art Grant Request $144 (project total $960)

Fire Obelisk

Homage to Loins and Groins

Live paintings of loins and groins with volunteer models to express body and sexuality positivity, and the portraits will be gifted to models.

Promoting body positivity through art…. one loin at a time.

5×7 hand painted canvas portraits of volunteer models

Art Grant Request: $250 (project total $247)

Homage to Loins and Groins

UV Reactive Foosball Table

UV Reactive Foosball Table This is a completed project, which will be best displayed with additional blacklights. Grant requested is to provide three additional blacklights to best display the table.

Art Grant Request: $68 (project total $400)

UV Reactive Foosball Table

Azathoth – Mutant Vehicle

15ft long mutant vehicle covered in programmable led lights and a cuddle space.

Azathoth will operate as public transportation offering rides around burn. Doing his due diligence assisting people who suffer from limited mobility. He will be scanning the property and stopping to pick up all MOOP.

Art Grant Request: $662 (project total $5,094)

Azathoth Mutant Vehicle

Precious Plastic Upcycle Art Gallery

Participants will be invited to bring their plastic items they wish to dispose of and drop them into the shredder under staff supervision. Then the participant will handed the plastic shreds and be directed over to the precious plastic injector where they will dump them into the hopper and down into the heated injection tube. After 2-3 minutes the plastic is hot enough to inject. The participant pulls down on the lever and injects the hot molten plastic into an aluminum mold of their choice. Once the plastic has cooled down, the object is removed and the participant can keep the item as a souvenir.

Art Grant Request: $1,000 (project total $1,250)

Precious Plastic Upcycle Art Gallery

Esthetic Lab

To share and display fluid art with the community. I want to do a class to teach people an easy way to start playing with fluid art!

This project will be interactive in two ways. the first is that I will teach a class and do a live paint pour. the second is at night the displays will have LED lights in the back on them that you, the participant, will be able to turn on and off to see how it changed the physical look of the painting.

Art Grant Request: $500 (project total $535)

Esthetic Lab

Spread Your Sass Art Class

Instructional class painting the stars in the night sky with a tree line

Art Grant Request: $102 (project total $255)

Participants will get an overview of painting a night scene in a Bob Ross style with acrylics that they get to take with them. To allow self expression and immediacy in the form of painting

Spread Your Sass Art Class

Gaia’s Grace

Visual and auditory immersive space that inspired gratitude and kindness toward the Earth, creation, and the divine feminine energy.

Visual art display, elevated viewing platform, attractive seating space to inspire intimate interaction and conversation. Possibly a small fire pit, water feature and LED light display.

Art Grant Request: $300 (project total $364)

Gaia’s Grace

Fountain of Dreams

This will be a large interactive kaleidoscope fountain, which changed effects depending if its day/night. The viewers will be able to look through the kaleidoscope as water trickles and circulates down the tapered shape of the art piece. In the day, you will see water act as the pattern of the kaleidoscope. Viewers will be able to manipulate the water to change the pattern. At night, the water will be lit up with RGB LED lighting, along with a fire flame at the end.

Participants will be able to manipulate the water pattern. They will be able to put their face and hands on the end where the water pours out. It highly encourages creative thought, leaving it up to the viewers imagination. They will have the option to stick whatever they’d like on the one end of the kaleidoscope.

Art Grant Request: $1,434 (project total $1,434)

Fountain of Dreams