For AfterBurn 2022, cabins are available to rent as accommodations for personal camping /sleeping use. (They will not be used as a theme camp or party rooms.) Each cabin has electricity, ac and a bathroom. Due to Covid precautions, each cabin is available to rent as a whole – and not by individual bunks – to limit intermingling of groups. Thus, cabins are available for Theme Camps and organized Groups who understand the Covid risks and agree to share the space together. Individuals who desire a single bunk should approach and join known groups or established theme camps.

Cabin reservations are open from Friday September 23rd at 6pm – October 21st at 11:55 pm. Cabins are first come, first served. Last day to reserve and remit payment is October 21 by 11:55pm.

Complete the Cabin Application form here: AfterBurn2022 Cabin Request Application

Things You Need to Know:

A security deposit is required. This deposit will cover limited damages (up to the amount of the deposit); it does not include any housekeeping. The deposit will also hold a cabin in reserve until full payment is made (no later than 10/21/22 by 11:55 pm). Security deposits will be returned after the property has released the organization’s security deposit which can be a minimum of 4 weeks after the event ends.

Cabin Fees, Capacity & Locations

Reference the online map of the property for Cabin locations.

1. $100.00 security deposit is required to hold your desired cabin to be paid via Pay Pal. (An invoice will be sent for payment to be made via Pay Pal donation and a receipt will be provided. This is a separate transaction and does not include the Cabin Rental fee.)

2. Final payment for the cabin must be paid by 10/21/22 by 11:55 pm via Pay Pal.

3. Cabins 1-4 have a small fridge, microwave, hot plate and toaster oven. The below cabin fee includes an additional $25.00 for the cabin for the entire event for these additional amenities.

4. All Cabins have electricity, AC and a bathroom with a shower.

The Cabin bunk capacity and full Cabin Rental Fees are as follows:

Note: Cabins A-D are reserved for Theme Camps.
Cabins 8-10 preference will be given to Theme Camps.
Cabins 1-4 are for Non-Theme Camp affiliated groups.

Cabins A-D Each has 8 bunks. Pricing is $225.00 for the entire event.

Cabins 1-4 Each has 10 bunks each. Pricing is $300.00 for the entire event.

Cabins 8-10 Cabin 8 has 10 bunks and Pricing is $275.00 for the entire event; cabin 9 has 6 bunks and Pricing is $175.00 for the entire event; Cabin 10 has 10 bunks and the Pricing is $275 for the entire event.

Covid Risk and Agreement

1. All occupants are aware and accept the Covid risks of sleeping in shared space. All occupants will be required to sign a Covid agreement form at Greeters upon event check-in.

2. If an occupant is feeling unwell or may have been exposed to Covid prior to the event they will stay home. (No refunds will be given, but the occupant’s space may be filled by another person.)

3. If an occupant becomes unwell during the event and Covid is suspected, you will notify event staff immediately and prepare for that person to leave the cabin & event. (No refunds will be given. In the event the person is unwell to drive themselves home, event staff will work with you to make arrangements for the person to be quarantined as well as securing them a ride home.)

Cabin Rules:

1. All occupants are responsible for bringing their own bed linens (memory foam, egg crate foam or camping air mattress for a twin bed is recommended as the current bunk mattresses are not of the highest mattress quality)

2. All occupants are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the cabins (including fridge, microwave, hot plate and toaster oven, where applicable) during the event and upon check-out. (Go to the info booth if cleaning supplies or toilet paper are needed.)

3. Absolutely NO OPEN FLAMES in the cabins. This includes candles, burning of incenses, camp stoves or anything else that produces a flame.

4. Cooking inside is only allowed via microwave, hot plate, toaster oven (provided in Cabins 1-4), coffee pot or electric kettle (participants must supply).

5. Absolutely NO SMOKING or VAPING of any kind or any thing is allowed in the cabins. (If it is discovered that smoking has occurred, the full security deposit will be forfeited. This is a property policy.)

6. Event staff reserves the right to inspect the cabins during the event if there is a suspicion of rules violation.

7. All occupants will be required to sign a Cabin Rules agreement form at Greeters upon event check-in.

Email  if you still have questions.

Complete the Cabin Application form here: AfterBurn 2022 Cabin Request Application

For invoicing/payment questions/issues, please email Bookkeeping: .