The Blurb of Bob, Volume 3, Number 9

October 21, 2019


We are 12 days away from Burning the effigy, and I took a look at our volunteer signups. We have a problem: Only 24{110293bbcb802f0d3273ec3ed2a9036c4a117c04a3d38823d15ba3bc99706c52} of our volunteer shifts are filled, and some departments have zero signups. If we don’t get volunteers, we don’t get to do the things.

In other words, if you don’t sign up for Pool Monitor, we can’t swim in the pool.

No Parking Pirates? You’ might have to wait a couple of hours to get through the gate.

And if you don’t sign up for Perimeter, we can’t burn stuff.

I know you’re excited about your theme camp, your art, and the snacks you’re bringing to share. But right now, we need you to visit the AfterBurn Signup Genius page and choose one or more shifts for the weekend. Otherwise, we can’t do the things we love to do. How ’bout that?


In this issue:

  • Extremely Useful Facts
  • G.I.F.T.= Give In Free Time
  • What’s this about a Burner Art Gallery?
  • What’s will you find at AfterBurn? These Bucket List activities, art, and more!
  • News for Newbies: What are DOGs?

Extremely Useful Facts

  • Tier 2 tickets ($125) will be available until midnight Friday, Oct. 25.
  • Get your AfterBurn Tickets from Brown Paper Tickets, or visit the webpage for the link and more information.
  • Vehicle passes are still available at $10. You’ll need one to park.
  • RV passes have sold out. If you arrive with an RV and no pass, we will have to turn you away, as the property has limited parking space.
  • Bucket List submissions close at midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 23. Use this Google Form to get your event on the printed list:
  • Theme Camp submissions are now closed.
  • All Sound Camps, Mutant Vehicles, and Disabled Vehicles must be registered. Don’t be unpleasantly surprised — read the details on the sound and DMV pages of the website.

G.I.F.T.: Give In Free Time
Our volunteer coordinators have created this little mnemonic to remind you to volunteer: G.I.F.T. = Give In Free Time.

  • Have you already signed up? Then you are AWESOME, FABULOUS, AND FANTASTIC! Thank you! (Could you please go recruit your friends now?)
  • Just haven’t signed up yet? DO IT! SIGN UP HERE! SIGN UP NOW!
  • Are you new to AfterBurn, not sure where to sign up? Check out the News for Newbies section, below, to unravel acronyms and get useful tips.

Volunteers get special rewards, too — fancy swag and a gourmet, unforgettable chef-prepared meal. Don’t miss out!

What’s this about a Burner Art Gallery?
From Liesl and the Art Attack Department

This year we are proud to introduce a gallery to display the incredible art produced by our community. From etchings to sculpture, paintings to tapestries and even photography we will have it all. If you have a piece (all submissions taken) you would like to display, you still have time to submit it, here:  The Art Department will be doing a gallery opening party at 6 p.m. on Friday. Come join us and see the amazing art your community has produced.

What will you find at AfterBurn? The following art and activities!

What’s bigger on the inside than the outside?
An enclosed light show called “Dodecahedron.” According to the artist, Ken, “It’s just something that came out of my warped imagination…I was trying to make a working TARDIS and this just came out as an experiment in that direction.

Latest submissions to “The Bucket List”:

  • Voodoo Happy Hour at the Freaky Tiki Fire Lounge
  • Breakfast in Bed!, brought to you by Deities of Deliciousness
  • Intro to Contact Staff with Ranger Funk
  • Late-Night Cookies & Conversation in the Indaba Willage
  • Get the Rhythm Going Percussion
  • Challenging With a Game of Chess

You only have two more days to submit your items to the Bucket List — use this form:

News for Newbies

If there are no pets at AfterBurn, what are DOGs?
According to the leader of the pack, RobL:
DOGs stands for Department Of Ground Services — our version of the DPW (Department of Public Works). We set it up and tear it down, and our main goal is to protect the property and make sure it looks better then we found it. Currently seeking volunteers to join our pack. Participants need to be available to help both pre- and post-event. If you are interested in seeing the burn built, let us know by sending an email to .

Ready to sign up for your first volunteer shifts? Here are some roles to consider:

Here’s a great way to make new friends — sign up as a Pool Monitor. It’s the perfect job for someone who likes to be poolside and meet people. Sign up for a shift helping the lifeguards to keep the pool safe, clean and glass-free.  ( )

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Love to feed people? Join the food team to help prepare some special treats to share with others. [link Limited early work access passes also available to foodies who come early to help feed the builders Wednesday and Thursday (reach out to for work access and special signup genius code/access)

Submit your announcements to the Blurb of Bob! Blurbs must be fewer than 200 words long and relevant to the entire AfterBurn community. Send ’em to Bob’s email address below.

Bob is a radical communicator who loves this community, believes in civic responsibility, and wants to keep you apprised of everything AfterBurn-related.

You can email Bob at  with questions, concerns, or submissions to this announcement list. You can reach the AfterBurn Event Organizing Committee at .
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