The Blurb of Bob, Volume 3, Number 7

Volume 3, Number 7
October 7, 2019

HEY, GUYS! I already have a big pile of costumes, camping gear, and junk food taking over my living room. Plus art and gifts and things to decorate my camp…but enough about me! What are YOU bringing to the Burns Phambly Reunion at Camp AfterBurn? I can’t wait to hear your ideas for goofy games, mind-blowing performance art, colorful gatherings, and edifying workshops.

This year, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) coincides with AfterBurn. I know that will inspire some of you to create unforgettable activities.

Moreover, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, the hour from 2 to 3 am on Sunday will actually happen TWICE. That’s right, our very own Time Warp!

How ’bout that?


In this issue:

  • Tickets still available, RV passes sold out
  • What are YOU bringing? Get it on The Bucket List!
  • The Art Gallery wants you…
  • News for Newbies
  • Spotlight on Volunteering: What’s a Lime Dot?
  • Theme camp submissions still open

Tickets still available, RV passes sold out
We still have tickets available, but those RV Passes sold like hotcakes! In other words, RV Passes are sold out and NO more passes will be allocated!  If you arrive in an RV and DO NOT have an RV Pass, access to park will be denied; we will not have a space for you to park your RV.  We hope that you will join us with your tent-camping gear instead!

Speaking of RVs, if you hold an RV Pass and are not registered with a Theme Camp, please email  your RV/Camper dimensions. Due to space limitations, placement can not guarantee extra space in the RV Lot for tent camping.  Tent campers should plan to camp within a Theme Camp or in Open Camping.

Tickets are selling quickly, so if you haven’t bought yours yet, you’d better hurry. Buy early, buy often! Here’s the link to buy tickets: AfterBurn Tickets

What are YOU bringing? Get it on The Bucket List!
The Bucket List is the AfterBurn guide to what’s happenin’, where it’s happenin’, and when it’s happenin’. Maybe your camp wants to host an orange party, or you’ve got live music to offer. Can you teach needle felting or tassle-making? Even if it’s just a 15-minute event, we’d be happy to put it on the schedule. Extra credit if you figure out how to use the 2 am Sunday Time Warp.

Bucket List submissions are open right now at this link:

We expect to have limited space in the special pocket edition, so get your events in early — the pocket edition is first come, first served! However, even if you don’t make the pocket edition, all submissions received before Wednesday, October 23 at midnight will be posted in the Indaba, and we’ll help promote your event with our new Town Criers.

Not sure where to host your event? Go ahead and submit your idea. We’ll work with you find the best spot at the Burns Phambly Reunion.

The Art Gallery wants you…

…to make your submissions. Art touches us all in different ways. What will you bring?

Our newest addition for this year is the Art Gallery, and the Indaba provides an absolutely incredible indoor space to host your art. We are truly seeking the breadth and depth of the art of the community. We are taking all submissions, the only thing we need to know is the approximate size of your piece, and what we may need to have available to display it. Bring us ALL THE ART!

  • Paintings
  • Photography
  • Sculptural Art
  • Drawings
  • Fabric and Textile art

Do you have Junior Burners in your family? This week we want to ask the parents of our young burners to submit their art for the Kids’ Corner. Even if your kids can’t come this year, their art is welcome.

Have we convinced you? Please fill out the interest form: 

News for Newbies

Are you new to all this? Sorry about the jargon! Sometimes, we forget to explain what the heck we’re talking about. We’ll throw out a few terms in each edition of the Blurb so you don’t sound like a newbie when you arrive. Here’s this week’s list:

  • GLOO: Guardians of the Loo. They educate participants on what goes in the potties (hint: If it didn’t pass through your body, it shouldn’t go in there). They earn our eternal gratitude by making sure we don’t run out of toilet paper.
  • Indaba: Our name for Center Camp, based on an African term for a gathering place.
  • Moop: Matter Out of Place, aka trash, rubbish, spills, or anything that violates the Leave No Trace principle. There are no garbage cans at AfterBurn, so always be prepared to carry your moop back to your own camp. You’ll have to bag it up and take it with you when you leave the event. Can be used as a noun or a verb (as in “Hang on, I just mooped some snack mix.”)
  • Micromoop: Tiny pieces of hard-to-see moop, like sequins, zipties, or snack mix. Don’t let it hit the ground, and if it does, pick it up immediately. If individual pieces would be too hard to pick up (like glitter), don’t even bring it to the property!
  • Rangers: ‘Not the cops, not your mom.’ Rangers volunteer in service of the safety and well-being of the community by acting as non-confrontational mediators, providing reliable information and facilitating public safety.
  • Welcome Home Crew: Volunteers who greet new arrivals and check their tickets at the gate.

By the way, if you’re new and wondering where to camp, email Bob. There are a number of camps who adopt newcomers, and Bob can hook you up.

Spotlight on Volunteering: What’s a Lime Dot?

Wondering where to volunteer this year? Read on for descriptions of a couple of rewarding roles that need you:

Sanctuary is a space where participants can find a safe haven for reflection, or reintegration within the self after a shattering or emotionally harrowing experience. We offer peer-to-peer support.

Lime Dots are roving members of the Sanctuary team. While the experiences within Sanctuary are personal, specific, and subjective, the Lime Dots’ mission will always be simply offering support.

Training will be provided onsite, we would love to have your warm hearts and smiling faces join our Sanctuary/Lime Team family!

If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to find out more information on how you can be more involved please reach out to us at .

You can sign up for these roles, plus many more at this link:  SignupGenius link

Theme camp submissions still open
Have you sent your theme camp details to Placement yet? Here’s the link:

Submit your announcements to the Blurb of Bob! Blurbs must be fewer than 200 words long and relevant to the entire AfterBurn community. Send ’em to Bob’s email address below.


Bob is a radical communicator who loves this community, believes in civic responsibility, and wants to keep you apprised of everything AfterBurn-related.

You can email Bob at  with questions, concerns, or submissions to this announcement list. You can reach the AfterBurn Event Organizing Committee at .
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