The Blurb of Bob, Volume 3, Number 1

August 13, 2019


I’m writing on behalf of your Event Committee, the hard-working group that is enthusiastically taking responsibility for planning and creating an amazing AfterBurn together with you, the community.

They’ve confirmed that many of our past Department Leads will be returning (including me, Bob!). Thank you, Leads, for stepping up!

(Drumroll, please) And now, for the information you have been patiently waiting for:

1: AfterBurn 2019 will be held from Friday, November 1, to Sunday, November 3.
2: You have 80 days to get ready.
3: This year’s theme will be “Burns Phambly Reunion at Camp AfterBurn.”

So start thinking about ART! And stay tuned for the Art Submissions Form next!

How ’bout that?



Bob is a radical communicator who loves this community, believes in civic responsibility, and wants to keep you apprised of everything AfterBurn-related.

You can email Bob at with questions, concerns, or submissions to this announcement list.