The Blurb of Bob, Volume 3, Number 3

August 29, 2019


A Creative Opportunity
1. Do you want to see the breadth and depth of artistic talent of our community, but insulated from the elements in an enclosed structure, complete with power?
2. Have you ever wanted to see your art displayed, gallery style, where all your favorite burners could fully appreciate it?
3. Do you have smaller scale canvas, sculptural, fabric, or photographic art that you would be excited to have displayed?
4. Maybe you would like to create new art (possibly financed by an art grant) before AfterBurn?

For the Burns Phambly Reunion at Camp AfterBurn we are excited that we will provide such a space. The Art Grant Committee has a vision of creating a gallery to honor and appreciate the incredibly talented artists we have in our community, complete with a gallery opening party.

Go to Burnt Oranges – Art Grants to submit your desire to participate: If you have any questions, please direct them to .

Share Your Imagination
Your Committee would like to provide a commemorative ticket and sticker for our Burns Phambly Reunion (like the good old times). We want you, the community, to create the design to represent this year’s theme: Burns Phambly Reunion at Camp AfterBurn.

Please send your design as a .gif or .jpeg file to the Committee email: with a small description and your name for proper credit. Submissions for ticket/sticker designs will be open until September 15th at midnight.

Leaders Needed
A huge Thank You to our returning and new Leads & Co-Leads. We still need Leads and Co-Leads in the following areas:

Leads: Sound Marshal, Theme Camps
Co-Leads: Dogs, Cats, Earth Guardians, Volunteer Coordinator, Parking, Certified LifeGuard(s), Shower Guardians, Sound Marshal, Theme Camps

If you want to be a part of the fun and creativity that goes into creating the canvas for AfterBurn, step up to fill one of these great roles by emailing your Committee at .

How ’bout that?

Bob, on behalf of your AfterBurn Event Committee