Registered Camps

Registered Camps 2017-09-21T04:29:11+00:00

To host a Theme Camp at the event, you must Register Your Camp so DPW can approve your submission, and include your camp in our city planning and WWWW guide. As the event gets close and camps are registered, we include them in the list below. As the city gets organized and arranged, we will try to keep this list updated with it’s temporary address on our Playa.

Priority Placement Deadline is 3 weeks before event date.

Final Deadline is 10 days before event date.

If within the 10 days, maybe you could get a special exception from DPW, or plan on being the coolest section in Open Camping.

Registered Theme & Sound Camps

Registered Theme Camps for AfterBurn 2017:

List will be provided once approved by DPW.