Art Grants

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We like art so much, that we give people money to help make it and share with the community.

General Application Requirements

If you are inspired to bring an art project to our event, you can apply for financial assistance so we can help you turn your dream into a reality. Please read the [Art Guidelines] before submitting an application. (It makes it easier on all of us!) We expect everyone to provide us with the information asked, and make sure to be thorough! If you do not fill out all the information or follow the guidelines, you risk not getting approved. Once all submissions for art are turned in, the Art Grant Committee will review all submissions and vote on them. Applicants will be notified, and funds distributed.

Included in the request must be a description of the art, how it contributes to the community, it’s inspiration, it’s projected total cost to build and deliver it, how much assistance your requesting, the minimum amount of help needed to get it started, etc. Any pictures, sketches, plans, cost approximations, etc would help us see your vision.

Once you’ve determined the type of art grant you’re applying for, and the rules involved, please apply at our Art Application page.

Check out this amazing and very thorough blog post, Semi-Annual Art Grants: How do they work?

Large Scale Grants

Grant requests of at least $600. Deadlines, etc.

Micro Grants

Grant requests less than $600. Deadlines, etc.

Community Art Projects

Art projects that are more permanent, whether for at the event property, or an urban community. [Deadlines, etc.]

For serious inquires, visit